Services & rates



Self service bath

Tired of washing your dog in your bathroom tub? Tired of the mess? Tired of the sore knees?  Well never fear! We have the space and utilities you need to do it all yourself here. Washes include nails, towels and dryers, and everything you need to clean ears, eyes and teeth.


drop off bath service

Leave everything to us, we'll get your pup cleaned up for you. Washes include nails, eyes, ears, teeth and anal glands using premium shampoo and conditioner. We also do a full dry for your pup so turn around time here is around 2 hours.  




Additional services

These services include specialty items that aren't standard with a wash.

$10...  Flea Bath

$5...    Whitening Bath

$5...    Blueberry Facial (and paws!)




AKA: Nail Assistance.                                     

$12...  Nail Clipping

$15...  Nail Grinding




full service groom

Our talented and licensed groomer, Leigh Riddle will get your pooch looking fluffy and clean! Grooms include bath, eyes, ears, teeth, nails and anal glands. Pricing ranges for dogs on case by case basis. Pricing is also available upon request for deshedding options. Grooming services are by appointment only.


spa maintenance

AKA: Face, Feet, Santi.

Maintenance treatments include a bath, brush out, and trim for face, feet with nail trim, and sanitary cut. Ears cleaned and hair plucked if needed.  Spa Maintenance is also by appointment only.